Wednesday, April 25, 2007


ok, pics of the Jello museum is up. I don't have much to say on that.

in the basement of the jello place was what they called a transportation museum. basically a bunch of buggies and old cars. so those pics are there too. enjoy!

Monday, April 23, 2007

We're on a mission from God...

the first person to tell me (by way of commenting,) what that quote is from gets a special prize. a prize from the trip.

and you can't use google. I'll know if you cheated. because I know which people might know this, and if my mother claims to know it, I'll know she used google. so, don't try to cheat me.

I guess I'll finish the story from NY. the last site we saw that I didn't cover was the Jello museum in Le Roy, NY. as I said before that was the location of the first jello factory, which still stands, tho they haven't made jello there in quite a while.

since pretty much all of y'all know sam, it's a good bet that most of you know blue jello. sam's a bit obsessed with it. and not really only blue. he's got a thing for all ello. so this made the museum a must-see.

the museum was actually pretty tiny. a lovely elderly lady offered to give us a little "vocal background" on jello. her speech was obviously memorized, but I didn't mind it because otherwise we'd have finished the museum in the first 15 minutes.

not a huge amount to say about the experience girl. sam took a lovely picture as the jello girl. you should prolly check that out.

and then in the basement of that, there was a transportation museum, which was basically a room with some old buggies, a couple ford cars that were ancient, like Model T ancient. and in each car they had hats and umbrella's and sometimes a cane. not quite sure why they needed the props, but it gave us something to do. we took pictures of us in the hats and meg with the umbrellas. I must say, I've always wanted a bowler hat. I think that's what it's called. the little round one. I didn't get a picture in it, but I want to own that hat.

that's the whole museum experience. and I think that covers NY well enough. so on to Pittsburgh. in another post.

by the way, I know we're behind on pictures. we'll get those up. hope to first thing tomorrow morning.

EDIT: the niagara falls pictures are up. I'll work on the rest.

Friday, April 20, 2007

where the buffalo roam..

Alrighty. quite backed up on post writing...again. sorry.

Easter Vigil was very interesting. 3 hours long. singing. candles. reading. singing. and more. you really would have had to been there..

we spent Easter with Don and Alison again, of course. actually, we picked up James and we drove North, about an hour and a half, to see mountains. not much to do you see. that was cool, much more snow up north. prolly 10 inches or so. we threw some snowballs, I made a b.e.a.utiful snow angel. we took a picture. you should really see it. anyway, we had some spots to see that Don suggested, but when we went to look for the spots, it was kinda confusing, so we didn't hit all of them. actually we ended up just hiking around in 10 inches of snow for a while. kinda hard actually. but it was good to spend time with James. kinda crazy, but good.

my mind is kinda blank, and it skips to leaving New Hampshire. that's my next thought. so I'll just go with that thought and talk about that.

we left. and drove like 8 hours to Buffalo, or rather outside of Buffalo, close to Le Roy, NY. that's where the Conklins live. Megan Conklin was the one that had invited is to visit, and of course, we love to meet ppl that we've never met, so off we went. while our directions almost got us lost, we made it there eventually. they have lots of cats. and a big dog. just thought you'd like to know.

we got there Tuesday night, and Wednesday we went and helped them on an apartment they're remodeling. wasn't too tough.

then on Thursday we went to Niagara Falls. was about 30 minutes away, not that far. and it was cold. it was pretty cool to see, but it was freezing. the wind kinda bites.
they say the falls a better viewed from the Canadian side, which looked to be true, but they say you need a passport, or if not that, they'll let you do it with a birth certificate. sadly, we had neither. we knew we could get into Canada, but didn't want to take the risk of not being able to get back. swimming the river would have been really cold.

so we saw Niagara falls. and there's one place where you can go down to the water's edge, a bit above the falls, and drink the water, or anything else you might want to do. tho they don't exactly like you doing that. but we did it anyway.

so. we finished that up. got in the car. as we pull out of the parking lot we hear a really loud scraping sound. so sam pulls over, and we look under the car, and the exhaust pipe has fallen off. it's still attached at the back, but in the middle it's sitting on the ground. so...yeah. not good. megan suggests something about wiring it back up, so sam gets under there and checks it out. I found a clock in the car, one that I had brought but not really used. so I cut the electrical cord off the clock, and split it down the middle so sam could use that to wire everything back together. which he did. and it worked pretty well. we drove back to the Conklin's and didn't have any trouble.

the next morning, Megan's grandpa came over and welded it back together for us. free of charge. that was awesome. then we headed back to the apartment to work a bit more. sam had knocked out a wall and was installing a door where the wall had been. so he finished that up, and we hit the road to Pittsburgh.

oops. somewhere in there we went to the Jello Museum in Le Roy, NY, home of the first Jello Factory. not sure when. but that's another blog post.

there are pictures of all this on the flickr, which is linked on the right of this page, or in one of the posts below.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

message in the mints

sorry for being scarce lately internet is hard to come by these days. more updates soon, I promise. I just wanted to show y'all something. this is from back when we were in New Hampshire.

This is Sarah-Jane. I beat her in a board game. she was at Easter Vigil with us. a day or so later I discover these pictures.

personally, I think this was quite rude. and no warning. so to get her back I have posted this post, warning all of you about her. and if I had really tried, I probably could have found a better picture of her. but I want that one. because of the message in the mints.

(really tho, charming woman. don't tell her I said so.)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We are still alive. And fairly well. We apologize for the absence of posting. Eight days is almost unforgivable. Again, we apologize. Due to circumstances out of our control we have been recently unable to keep you up to date on our trip.

Many things have happened lately, and posts will be ensuing very soon. And pictures.

To pique your interest.....

-Exhaust pipes. who needs them?
-Sam's a Jello girl
-Swing dancing and the cha cha
-The shortest Mass in the history of mankind

I think that's enough for now. Be back soon.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

i'm back

yes, i'm back.

I realize i have been quite neglectful in my posting. But I blame that on being sick since Monday. Anyway, here I am. I think the last time I posted we were in DC with Amy. So lets see if we can do a little summarizing up to now.

But before we leave Amy's, I have to say that she has been the ONLY person on this entire trip that has appreciated my 'your mom' jokes. Tis very very sad.

Staying with Liz was quite enjoyable. Got to see all the monuments and memorials and such. The cherry blossom festival was awesome. And Liz is an amazing cook. Liz, we love you. And if you ask us, we might even marry you. Both of us.

The day before we left DC, I woke up really sick. Headache, sore throat, nausea, stomach pain, trouble swallowing, and the like. I was hoping it was just a 24hr bug, but no such luck.

I was still sick the next day, but we headed to NYC anyway. Staying at a hostel was a fun experience. Actually just staying in NYC was a fun experience. CRAZY drivers there. That was not very much fun. I nearly died multiple times. For instance, at one point, I'm driving down a 2-lane one-way road. It dead-ends into another 2-lane one-way road going left. We stop, the light turns green, we go. Slowly. As both roads are jampacked with vehicles. So, in our slow merging, naturally one would think that with both roads having 2 lanes.... there would be 2 cars turning left. Makes sense, right? Ha. no such luck. As I'm halfway through my turn, I realize there are FOUR cars side by side making this turn. And I'm just like, what in the world? How did we go from 2 cars to 4 cars? And now we have to get back to 2 cars again. Cuhrazy. But we survived.

About an hour later, I'm on... another two-lane road I think. One-way, of course. Coming up to a intersection sort of thing, with a fountain in the middle. All the traffic goes around in one direction. So I start making the turn to the right to go around... and to my right is a big huge truck making the turn with me. The big truck is a bit slower than I, so there's a bit of room between us as we merge into our new lanes. Well, if there's EVER any room in traffic in NYC someone is going to try to take it. This bit of room wasnt going to be there long enough though, as the big hunking truck moves back into his lane. But that doesn't stop this crazy little guy on a moped that zooms up and tries to fit between us. ha, uh NO. Neither of us can stop, and he decides to forego such a rash manuevre before he gets squished into little moped burgers.

Anyway enough of that. There were more harrowing adventures but we're still alive. Then we left, and drove up to Concord, NH. As you've seen in the pictures there is a TON of snow. And i'm going to add some pictures here too, just for fun.

Yes that IS R2-D2.

And of course, lots more at

By thursday I was feeling quite a bit better, except for my throat. But then Friday morning I woke up and it had all come back. I felt just horrible. Sicker than I've been in a long while.

So after some deep brain-things in my head, and consultation with my dear mother, I decided I should go see a doctor. And there I learned some joyful news. I have the stomach flu. And strep throat. Yay! What fun. So now I got me some penicillen so I'm doing better. Sorta.

And that's about all. Just got back from Easter Vigil at Magdalen College. Quite an interesting experience. Good food. Have to write more later about that. Or let Andy.

Now I must sleep.

Friday, April 6, 2007

on the road again

leaving DC.

It was one of the best stops so far. We got to meet Amy, see the sights, stay a while with Liz, and see the cherry blossom festival. what more could we ask for. oh, and the food. I do believe Liz provided us with the best food so far on the trip. no one knew this but our stops are being rated, and Liz was rated very very high. but those ratings are very secret, so y'all will never know. sorry.

the drive to NY was uneventful, just slow. lots of traffic. and tolls. we spent around $12 driving from DC to NY on tolls. ridiculous. I did the driving, something I dislike doing. but poor Sam was sick. or so he claimed. after 4-5 hours of driving we found our hostel, checked in, grabbed our stuff and hit the beds. both pretty tired. it was cold and rainy. really cold. we were sharing the room with 6 ppl, straggling in at all hours of the night. it was our first time in a hostel, which made it interesting. our room had 4 pairs of bunk beds in it. I only talked to 1 of the people we shared the room with. that was Rick from CA, he said he was a snorer and I should feel free to wake him up if it got loud. what he didn't mention was he's a talker too. he did snore, quite loud, but talked more. all night. didn't keep me up tho, I went to bed about 12:30 and didn't wake up until 7, from 7-10 was on and off sleeping.
in the morning, we got up, checked out, and went to get breakfast, (McDonald's, breakfast of losers.) after that we headed down on the subway, which btw, are far inferior to DC's subway system. DC's is spacious, clean, well lit, fast, etc. NYC's was cramped, dirty, and dark. anyway, we hit the Staten Island Ferry, saw Lady Liberty, came back, saw the former site of the Twin Towers, drove back up here, had our second meal of the day, once again at McDs. then we went and found our other hostel, since the last didn't have any rooms. we didn't originally plan to stay 2 nights, but we couldn't leave for New Hampshire cause of bad weather. anyway, this hostel was cheaper, and had a free breakfast, (which I did not wake up for.) not as nice of rooms, 12 ppl instead of 8, guys and girls this time. but still nice enough compared to the car. and less then 1/4th what you'd would spend for a hotel in NYC.

in the morning we got up, showered, checked out, and walked back to the car to decide what to do. Sam kinda wanted to head to Boston, while I wanted to see more of NYC. I asked him what was in Boston, and he could only name Paul Revere and a Tea Party. that settled it for me, I was gonna see NYC. we drove over to the other side of Central Park, which turned out to be a terrible idea. there was zero parking over there. none. we drove around for a while looking, and finally Sam just dropped me off to go walk Central Park while he kept looking. while I was walking, I found Alice in Wonderland, which was cool. I found Balto, which I got really excited about. I'm not sure why, but I really wanted to see Balto. Balto to me was about the same as seeing Lincoln in DC. as y'all can see in the pictures, Balto's back is rubbed golden because so many people like to climb up on him. I felt this was beneath me, so I did the next best thing. I rubbed his nose for luck. it's a tradition, children have been doing it for ages. or so I hear. it all felt very solemn. I like Balto. he's cool. oh and btw, if you DON'T know who Balto is, think about hurting yourself. slap yourself in the head, fall down some stairs. something. cause you're retarded. at least go watch the Disney movie Balto. not to be confused with Balto 2. that came later. as seen by the 2. which comes after the original. yeah.
anyway, then I went and saw Cleopatra's Needle. it's an obelisk. from Egypt. I learned about it by wikipediaing it. so you can too. :P but it's the oldest monument in Central Park, and some say the Nation. no idea if that's true, but sam said it, so it's prolly not. but then again, seeing as they, (there's more the one, one's in London, one's in Paris, and the last of course, is in NYC,) were originally erected in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis , around 1450 BC, I'm going to say that they're prolly at least the oldest in the area. :P

after seeing these, I met back up with sam, who had a crazy story of almost dying in Time Square, which he never actually told me. after that we left NYC, and traveled to New Hampshire, to Allison and Don's where we are now. quite a few inches of snow on the ground here. all fell last night. sam tried to make snow angels but it didn't' really work. I did hit him in the head with some snow tho. that's all I got for now. pray that sam will post the next one. if I can ever convince him. see ya.

remember to check out our pictures. there's a link on the right side of the page. or here.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Update directly below

sorry for lack of updates. I was hoping to guilt sam into writing. didnt' work. so it's up to me.

the last hurrah. we're on our way out of DC. we've spent over 2 weeks here. nice place. you should visit some time.

Saturday was the first day of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival here in DC. all the trees have begun blooming, and everyone comes out to see it. we went and walked by the White House on out way to the Mall where everything was happening. the White House really isn't that big. kinda small really. and it's off-white. look it up. it's true.
around the Washington Monument they were holding the Kite Thingie, (not real name,) where all the millions of kites gather every year to catch up. they were having fun. pretty cool. you can see pics in our flickr, which I'll link at the bottom of the post. some of the kites are so tiny it makes it look like your screen is dirty. ignore this. or try and clean your screen. for the next 3 hours.

then we walked'd be cool for me to tell you...quite awesome really. but I can't. cause I don't remember. but on the way we watched some soccer games going on. for the Berry Blossom Cup. fun. soccer. good.

then we came home, dropped a few things off, left again, and went and ate "mexican". I put it in quotation marks cause what they call mexican food is not mexican food. it was good tho. just not mexican. I don't know what it was.

that pretty much wrapped up that day. lots of good pics in the flickr. oh, and we found an R2-D2 mailbox. I just saw them on yahoo's front page a few days ago, and then we found one. nerdy I know. but cool.

last night, my last night in DC, Liz and I went out to Hard Times Cafe. it's at the Clarendon stop on the Metro. right outside the station. go there. it's got chili. really good chili. all sorts. on all things. it was really good.

and it was just Liz and I going cause Sam is sick. was sick yesterday and is sick today. so that's not good.

and now we're leaving. heading to NY. hope to get there by 4. kinda miss rush hour, but doubtful. really we won't. oh well.