Tuesday, January 23, 2007

testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

Hmm, I shall have to work on this blogging. I should prolly get it done while I'm on the road. or at the very least soon after, while it's fresh in my mind. if I put it off then who knows if I'll do it at all, like this entry.
back to the subject. sam and myself decided to go to San Antonio for the weekend. for 2 reasons. #1, we could see friends. #2, it would work as a trial run for our larger trip, even tho really they're not much alike. but at least we'll be on the road for 2 days, and can see if we see anything major that we'll need to work on or bring.

We left friday, around 10 or 11 I think. I forget, I think we say the time in the video. I think it was about 5 1/2 hours. Sam drove the way, as I shouldn't have to be subject to that sort of silly menial labor. we first met for lunch with philip and his girlfriend alex at a place called Flip.

allow me to talk about Flip for just one second. very interesting place. I liked it tho. very modern feeling, they've got a wall separating the front area from back where the tables are, (tho it's really just 1 big room,) and the wall's just a metal grid with thos big water bottles they put in offices. it looks rather odd, and it kinda funny. and then one wall has all these mirrors at all sorts of angles. it's a really neat decor. and there's a stage in the corner, so it seemed possible they have live music, which is awesome. the food itself wasn't mad either, kinda expensive. hamburgers mostly, fries too, but you have to buy them all separately, and it's rather expensive. but quite good, imo. and then last of all, they have free wireless internet, which is damn cool. not too many places have that. had a great ambiance, and I wouldn't mind going back. the food wasn't overly amazing, but it was good enough, and the rest of the place makes it worth it.

anyway, we hooked up with our friends, Kelci, Lisa, Mary-Beth, and Nikki, and went bowling. I of course had money on the games, and sadly lost. while insisting she's no good, Mary-Beth actually beat everyone both games. and to beat sam at bowling is pretty good if you don't bowl much. he's no pro, but better then the average player. so that was nice to see, tho it cost me a bit.

I have to take a brief break from my narrative to mention 2 things. I'm currently writing this in the lobby of a tire shop, waiting for some repairs on the car to be finished. I have just noticed 2 beautiful hawks circling the gas station outside. I love how hawks look. pretty cool. and also, they have a TV that happens to be set on the cartoon network. everyone else in the room is ignoring it, prolly as it's too childish for them. but I can't believe how good Tom and Jerry is. what classics. this episode has them fighting in a bowling alley. hilarious. everyone should be able to enjoy a good Tom and Jerry.

anyway, after bowling we went to get a bit to eat, then went to bed, next morning met at the mall, strolled a bit, then went to Lisa's place for some games. about 11 pm we headed back home. took I-10 back to houston, then I-45 around to 59 to home. not as pretty as the drive we took on the way there, but way easier. I put it on cruise, started a movie on my laptop in the floorboard, and just phased out. just me and a few 18-wheelers on the road. not bad at all.

so that was our test trip. we didn't see anything too major that needed to be fixed. we need to take more pictures, that's something we didn't think about. we'll have to work harder on the state of our car, because it's quite messy. and also I have the feeling I personally might even need to write down what I'm spending money on. I've never been too terrible at money management, but I have the feeling this trip is gonna be tighter then I'm used to.

here's the vid.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

getting closer

the time is approaching. but with lack of work lately, it's looking tight. but I can handle tight.