Friday, June 22, 2007

"not cool" doesn't cover it.

It's 12:20, and I'm signing off my computer to go to sleep. TGIF tomorrow, but I've still got to get up at 6am for work. so I can't stay up past 12:30 or I'll be really tired. so I was lying on my side, on the computer, and I signed off it, closed it, rolled onto my back, and a scorpion lets itself go on my backside.


used it's tail to sting MY TAIL. and it burned. like fire. oh sure, those of you that have had it happen will claim it's no worse then a wasp. but you're liars. all of you.

so now I've been stung by a scorpion, on my butt. what would you do? that's what I did. jump up, start screaming like a girl, and rip my shorts off. at this point many of you are wondering who you should pity more, me or philip who's staring at me from the bed next to where I am. let me assure you, it's STILL ME! so I finally get the scorpion to drop out of my shorts, and phil gets me ice, which I'm now sitting on. and it's been like 25 minutes since this happened, and the pain hasn't gone down any. including sitting on ice. great. my life is amazing.