Monday, May 28, 2007

hey people. not sure anyone even still reads this blog. but I'm going to keep posting things of interest to me. :P

a few weeks ago a friend and I went to this show in Austin. Micah P Hinson. if you dont' know his music, check it out. he's not for everyone but he's in my top 3 artists.

btw, my friend and I are standing about 5 feet to this guy's left. it was an awesome show.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


so we got back to texas, stayed in dallas a night, then lufkin (home) a week, then to austin. we were staying with Ben W, who only moved to austin a few months ago. he has a very nice 2 bedroom apartment he allowed to to share for a bit. sam stayed for 2 weeks and then headed back to lufkin, and I stayed for 3. sam is now working his construction job back in lufkin for a bit, and I'm living with philip here in Canyon Lake, about an hour north of San Antonio. I be plumbing. for the time being. I don't think sam plans on staying too long there in lufkin, and I know I don't plan on staying too long here. but the money we had could only last so long, so we had to stop for a bit, build it back up.

after a bit, (maybe a few months,) I plan on heading back out on the road. I'm not sure if sam is coming with me or going his seperate way. that's something that's still being discussed. if y'all want to see us, as always, comment, email, whatever, and we'll see about heading your way. at least 2 of the stops on our trip came thru comments on this blog. so don't hesitate.

lastly, I just want to say that if the good Lord leads you to help out 2 brothers in Christ, (and real brothers,) then feel free to donate your life's savings. just pick up your phone and call 1-800-HARBUCK.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

short backstep

Lest you think we forgot...

Something else we did in chicago was go see Melissa P. one evening. I must say it was quite a blast. We went to.... somewhosawhatsaname place for some REAL chicago pizza. dang it was good stuff. quite tasty. and there was a funny little man at the table beside us eating by himself. And he kept watching us. And from what Andy and Melissa tell me, he was quite enjoying my stories, though i didnt see myself.

Then we went to a bowling alley. except we didnt bowl. but we did play pool. and I played some shootemup game with pistols. I love those games. I even got Mel to play with me. She's pretty good at it.

And then.... we took pictures. And she was even in them!!!! crazy i know. she's not a picture person, but she was kind enough to be in some with us. You can find those on our flickr. or just go here.

Melissa it was a pleasure to meet you. You are even more cool in person than online.

Monday, May 14, 2007

First Day Of My Life

I'm just recently back from a BrightEyes concert. not my normal cup o' tea, but it's always good to try new things. anyway, reason I mention that is I'm tired of not being able to write about things as they happen. surely y'all have realized by now that we're quite behind on this blog, and all this is in the past. so I'm going to do that right thing, and bring us on back to Texas.

alright, so the lexus' story he mentioned isn't anything much. basically it was a really fun drive cause there were these young guys in 2 black lexus that were keeping an average speed of 80 and great drivers. so I just got in right behind them, and followed their lead. makes an otherwise boring trip interesting.

so now we're in chicago. which is cool. we're staying with Sarah M. and her roommates. when we got in Rachel M. had come down from north chicago to spend the evening with us, and we walked down to a little bar that had some pretty good food. I had some chili dish. it was delish. odd writing that word out. delicious=delish. I wonder if it's spelled like that. the shortened version. who knows?

so we spend a couple days with sarah. didn't leave the apartment too much. as this was the last stop before Texas, we were really getting kinda tired, and ready for a break. but meeting rachel and sarah was a blast, we had a good time in chicago. not much action, but good times anyway.

now we come up on the drive back to texas. it was supposed to be 14 hours from chicago to dallas. sam had put me in charge of the trip home, saying he'd do whatever I decided. so sweet of him....

so we started in the afternoon/evening, around 4 or so. we got out of town alright, starting with 1 hour turns, and working up to 3 hour turns. we stopped in St Louis, MO, and saw the great arch. that was pretty awesome. I would have liked more time there, I think it was about 10 or so when we got there. we took a while there, enjoyed a break. then on the way back to the highway, we were stopped at a red light and I got to witness a guy stealing hubcaps off a car. I didn't actually see him get them off, but there's no way he was just rubbing his hands on them.

then, outside of St Louis, at 11pm, we hit stopandgo traffic. they took a 3lane highway down to 1. we almost died. we were in traffic for quite a long time.

when I finally drove across the texas line, I think it was about 4am. or something like that. we got to my aunt's house in dallas about 8:30. total trip times was aprox. 17 hours on the road. I'm not sure about sam, but I didnt' nod off once. it was easy.

so in dallas, we stayed a night with my aunt, got to see my grandmother, and headed out the next day for home. I forget what day it was we hit lufkin, but all of heaven, and east texas rejoiced.

we stayed 1 week in lufkin, and then came to austin. it was awesome to see the fam, but we can't stay home forever. so, more later. don't worry, y'all are updated all the way to about a week ago. or two. :D

EDIT: also, I've updated the flickr all the way to chicago, and even St Louis on the way home. so now it contains all the pics of the trip all the way back to texas. more pics from texas soon.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

... going places that I've never been

Yes, I did it again. But this time I'm back with a real post.

Eventually we bid farewell to the great state of New York, and headed south to Pittsburgh, to see our long-lost buddy ol' pal Nancy Carlin.

We got into Pittsburgh on Saturday evening around 6 or so, I think. And then a terrible thing happened. Catastrophic, some might say. Nancy made us go swing-dancing with her. And if you know me, I am NOT a dancer. But, with some coercion we went with her. (For some reason I was thinking cohesion. But its coercion.)

So off we went, thru the Roulette of Death(scary place) to Swing City. Luckily before any actual dancing happened there was a little class that went over the basics of swing and a couple line dances, the Cha Cha and the Charleston, I believe. Tis a very good thing they had that class becuase otherwise we would have looked like complete and utter fools, instead of just total idiots.

So we danced. I danced like 15 times with Nancy. The girl has more energy than anyone I know. And then a pretty girl asked me to danced. She was really good. And I'm not. And I looked like a complete retard. But it was fun. And we danced a couple later too. And then, I actually went up and ASKED a girl to dance. scary, i tell you. I swear she didnt say but maybe 3 words the whole time. I kept trying to get her to talk but she was just really quiet. Maybe the beard scared her. Dunno. Andy danced quite a bit as well, although we couldnt get him to do any of the linedances. Which were AWESOME. I loved the linedancing, especially the cha cha. Its really fun.

So then... Sunday morning we got up to go to Mass... after some confusion about whether or not we were actually going. We got off a little late and then hit some traffic, and seeing that it was about 45 min away, we ended up getting to Mass about 25 min after it started.

Then as we walk up to the building... we notice an inordinately large number of people coming out of the building. Not good. It turned out Mass actually started a whole hour earlier than we had thought. So we completely missed it. But we DID get to meet her cousin Ryan. He's cool. He likes old ladies. And soft foods. Long story.

Moving on.

After that we went to Nancy's school so she could study and we hung out in the studen campus ministry place with big couches and big tv and fridge and food and stuff. It was awesome. Oh, and I have to say, Nancy made some AMAZING brownies for us. Freakin AWESOME. we ate them for breakfast lunch and supper. tasty.

On..... Tuesday? We bid our sad farewells and took off for Chicago. The drive wasnt too eventful, except for the 2 lexus'. But I'll let Andy tell that story.

More later. Stay tuned to the Harbuck network.