Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thom and Sean

I have found the writings! So I am here again to finish this long un-fulfilled journey. yay! ;)

first I have to note from the previous post on Amsterdam:
the way they barter at the flea markets is really hilarious.
shopper: "how much is this?"
owner: "CAN'T YOU SEE? it says RIGHT there. put it down! can't you see?"
pretty funny, no? ;)

okie. so we get back into London in the early morning, get through customs, then we're off to sightsee until we meet up with our next couchsurfers, Thom and Sean, around 5.30pm.
we visited the British Museum and ate fish and chips. first time for Andy, second time for me. I really like it, I think it's pretty delicious, but Andy thought it was too greasy. mmmmm. ;)
the British Museum was never quite my favorite. it's HUGE. so much history, it's almost overwhelming. but I think Andy had a really great time seeing everything. so it was still enjoyable.

around 5.30, we were at one of the tube stations, waiting to meet up with Thom and Sean. I was pretty excited. they seemed so friendly online, and I was really looking forward to meeting them. we waited for about 30 minutes inside the station, wondering if we were going to recognize them if we saw them. after waiting for a while, we decided to go outside to see if they were waiting for us outside. and we saw them almost immediately. ;) turns out, Sean had actually walked inside to look for us just a few minutes before and had completely missed us. oh well. so we finally met them! and they were as fantastic as we thought they would be.
Sean works for the government, I'm not sure how...but I believe if I remember correctly, he's worked for them for quite some time. and Thom works for a theatre, which I think is pretty rad.
they had a lovely little apartment in Tooting, filled with Lost, Battlestar Galatica, and random religious memorabilia.
Thom had made us a delicious pork goulash for dinner, and we even had tea before bed!

the next day, Andy and I set out for London again. he ended up playing a $56 poker tournament while I watched the movie, I love you, man. Andy ended up going out pretty early, but I think he was so excited to actually play live, that it all ended up being okie.

alright, well this is a pretty long post, especially after not posting in so long, we don't want to overwhelm you with too much at a time. ;)
I'll let Andy right about our next experience: Counting Crows concert. oh. man. A.mazing. ;)

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Flitterbee said...

I've waited to hear about this for ages. Sounds cool, though it's weird that it happened so long ago...get busy with writing the next entry!