Tuesday, June 16, 2009


it's been a few weeks since an update, and Mary-Beth has been on my case to write for some time. I've been kinda busy but here I am.
we spent the night on the ferry. there was engine noise but really it was quite comfortable. sometime in the morning, (7am or something,) the captain came over the intercom to wake everyone up. 30 minutes from docking or something. so we got up, and departed, and went through customs. I got a stamp on my passport and Mary-Beth did not. she was quite upset, and it caused quite a bit of confusion later on when we went to leave the Netherlands. idk what the first guy was thinking, he just glanced at the passport and handed it back. oh well.
from there was jumped on a train to Rotterdam, and another from there to Amsterdam. I don't remember what time we arrived, sometime before noon though. at this point we had no map, just a vague idea of where our hostel was. also, it was quite cold. very windy. and my jacket's zipper was broken, so I froze. we walked around Amsterdam for some hours, exploring. there are so so so many canals in Amsterdam. quite pretty. as it turns out, our hostel, (took most the day to find, without a map and all,) was very close to the red light district. (read: right in the middle of it.) you know, drunken, high, full-of-ladies-of-the-night type debauchery? yeah, that area. quite nice really. not was wild as your mother wants you to believe. especially not in the day time. just some bored women waiting for work to start. not really that bad at night either. unless you're mormon or something.
we did eat well in Amsterdam, mostly different hamburgers and such from little street shops. some chocolate covered waffles. those are quite tasty. get yourself one. some day.
we went to sleep in our hostel, in our nicely themed Star Wars Room. woke up in the morning and walked the whole of Amsterdam. we went to the outskirts and walked the outer circle, slowing working our way in. we found a windmill. not many of those left IN the city. and we went to a bunch of different street markets, picked up a few things. Mary-Beth get an awesome new hat for her collection. I'll see if I can find a picture.
that night, around 10pm or something, we headed back to Rotterdam, and then the Port of Holland, and back on the ferry for more sleep. and then back to London to meet our next Couchsurfers, Thom and Sean. Mary-Beth will take that assignment.

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